“Boxes” was an installation I executed at Andenken Gallery for the “Product” curated by Adam Sikorski.  Trying to cut costs of an installation I sought out the use of found objects and post consumer recycled material.  Finding the most readily available material in bulk to be cardboard so I used the shape and colors to make this installation in part of the gallery.  When it was time to take down the cardboard for after the show it seemed only natural to recycle the cardboard into something usable once again, so I set out gluing hundreds of pieces of cardboard together to make the chair pictured above.

Creations of the creator

This was an installation done in the UCM gallery for the 2008 senior show. I got the tree stump from a woodpile out on my my buddy Joe’s farm; although the limb had been laying detached for months, it sprouted leaves and new life before the opening.

Dumpster Art

When I was asked by friend and wonderful comedian Abbey Londer to create and installation for her warehouse comedy show, I found materials to create where any thrifty starving artist would. I scoured the streets of LA for inspiration as well as found materials in every way possible. I stretched canvas from old bed sheets and used discarded wood as a substrate, I used mistinted paint and anything that could be used. In the end this show was a success! I was able to keep the prices low and the all the pieces from the show sold. There is nothing more depressing than unsold pieces taking up space around my studio. and the icing on the cake was laughter was had by all.

Gangster Mathematics

“Gangster Mathematics is a culmination of two years of shared studio and living space between two young Denver artists. Formerly the only full time residents of the recently closed Block Building/ Andenken Gallery, McFadden and Sikorski have become a duo of awesome power matching that of Tango and Cash or even possibly Larry and Balki of Perfect Strangers. Diverse in their display, influences from Renaissance masters to Warren G can be identified in the paintings, prints, and drawings that comprise this show of all previously unreleased material. Certainly a not to be missed body of significant work produced by two true ride to die thug mathemagicians.”

For Fresh Friday in May INDYINK is proud to present “Gangster Mathematics” New works from Adam Sikorski and Brian McFadden. This show will feature extensive new works in a variety of mediums from both artists including limited edition screen prints and T-shirts. Artist reception will be at INDYINK at 84s. Broadway, Denver, CO on May 7 from 7-11pm and the show will run until June 2nd.


Hoodrats was a projects started with no direction and ended with a similar attitude. This project started out as a successful yet labor intensive stuffed animal venture, soon spun off into street art projects, a painting series, some small creature even ended up in the wild on several continents.