chemistry is fun

This mural was done in the office of Dr. Steven Boone, Chemistry Professor at The University of Central Missouri.  The girl on the opposing wall is Steve’s daughter and she is blowing bubbles that transform into a molecule structure which is that of the hallucinogenic substance LSD.  What appears as Circles at the entry of the room is actually an optical illusion to make the room look less long and narrow. Dr. Boone later told me I was missing a double bond(could’ve been a bad batch)and I made a long trip from Colorado to Missouri to fix it.

Toy Sauce

This project started out as a fun filling in the buffmonster grey patchwork with some color and a stencil of the ms paint fill can. Eventually I started going around and filling a bunch of random taggers hollows with this bright paint, later came the toy sauce on the can which wasn’t received well until the artists found out I did it and realized it was pretty much just a joke.