Moët Hennessy • Louis Vuitton

Live Updating Stock Ticker

What’s more ballin than a chain blasted with diamonds? A gold chain ticker for diamond stock. This prototype gathers up to date stock market information of Louis Vuitton • Moët Hennessy Stock, who is also a majority shareholder of deBeers Diamond as well as countless other Luxury Brands.  So Rather than Flex wealth with diamond rangs and gold jewelry, you can sport your worth in shares of LVMH stock. A Python script gathers stock data from the european stock exchange of LVMH stocks, and puts it into a text file. The text file is relayed to this led belt buckle modified into a chain for blingability, and run through an arduino micro-controller to update the stock price on the fly.   

Black Metal Coffee

Black Metal Coffee is an animatic done in a short time mashing up classic homemaking magazines with black metal musicians, and illustrates how to enjoy coffee the Black Metal way.


NGO Palliative Care

Mobile Advocacy: Children’s Palliative Care

The mission consisted of three goals. The first is to raise the awareness that “Children’s Palliative Care is a Basic Human Right”. The second is to connect members via personalized distributed communication platform. The third is to create a community in order to provide a space for people to get support and share resources as the idea of a “palliative care” for children is not always easily understood by parents or accepted by medical professionals.

We wanted to design an innovative telecommunications system with the use of SMS. We were also aware that this system needs to cater to an international crowd and all types of mobile phones. Everyone in the world has access or owns a mobile device regardless of the brand or model, which meant that everyone in the world had SMS in common.



For the three month project: 1)Provide Access to System Via SMS: Mobile platform for Q&A communication among health care professionals,
caregivers and patients in support of Children’s Palliative Care. Software: TWILIO built with PHP. 2) Provide a platform for direct interaction, create an online
forum those with access to a computer. 3) Enhance communication, dialogue, information exchange, suggestions, responses, learning, education.

No.1- Create and advocacy campaign structured around the message that children’s “Palliative Care is a Basic Human Right”. The campaign will 
funnel people to the Web Platform where we will see “endorsers”, case studies and health care providers who are well informed practitioners 
of palliative care. The “point of ignition” will be in the form of a traditional campaign (i.e. printed materials; ads, posters, brochures handed 
to patients, also radio).
No. 2- Target audience would be uninformed practitioners.
No. 3- Web platform also contains mobile registration process, database, social media capabilities, SMS, resources, etc. This is a place for 
“endorsers” to share their stories, encourage participation and offer support/ advice.
No. 4- Doctors will encourage children and parents to register 
for SMS messages that will guide help them as they deal with the prognosis.

For distribution and instructions.


To keep it simple, we only kept buttons and menus that at a minimum and other distracting images. We wanted the site to be straight to the point.
Website IA:


Mobile Task Flow:





BOLIVIA: Mother in Rural Area


1.    Mother’s child gets diagnosed of a terminal illness and is given the rack card from a local clinic.
2.    She registers her mobile phone for the service which is a two step process.
3.    She texts in her first concern which is stored in the website which then prompts a pediatrician; who lives and practices children’s 
palliative at the capital.
4.    The pediatrician then gets involve and begins to communicate with the concerned mother.
5.    The dialogue continues for as long as all the mother’s questions are answered. Once the is answered, Mother prompts service to stop.
SOUTH AFRICA: Sharing Resources


1.    A mother in rural area has three children with another one on its way. One of her children is diagnosed with a life limiting illness, which he 
is in Johannesburg receiving treatment and has only a few more days to live. Since her current pregnancy is complicated which requires her bed
rest, she is not able to make the journey to see her ill child.
2.    A children’s palliative care social worker remembers about the mobile outreach system and uses it to help the mother. She sends a text
message onto the site asking if there are any available nurses or doctors that can be there for the dying child in place of their mother.
3.    The question is picked up by a nurse from another area.
4.    The nurse asks around and gets a response from a doctor.
5.    The doctor obliges and sees the child through his last moments. The mother is relieved that someone is there to provide solace and comfort
in her place.

Hip Hop Versus

Hip Hop Versus is a rap lyric database gathered from user input of more than 11,000 songs retooled into a rap battling platform. Its focus is on frequency of word usage in lyrics and aims to gather information pertaining to marketing strategies such as brand repetition, boasting, and comparison. The idea behind this database is the more frequently a brand product or otherwise is mentioned the more weight it carries. The more weight it carries is through the quantified outcome of the search. For instance, one might argue that the 64 Chevrolet Impala is the gangster rap automobile of choice, while another may argue that a Cadillac has more weight in the world of Hip Hop. A simple search on my Hip Hop Versus database will reveal that, in fact the Cadillac brand is mention five times more frequently than Impalas. Hip Hop Versus proves that the Cadillac brand has more clout than the Chevrolet Impala brand as far as marketing and branding is concerned within Hip Hop.
Try it out for yourself visit

we do hoodrat things

nerd gang signs

to use this click on the sketch and hold down the keys “b”, “l”, “zero”, and “d”.
we do hoodrat things started as a single blogpost about the most balling way to flaunt you gold, Smoke it! and has transformed into a place where I like to document some fun hoodness. check it out at

Mo Money Mo Problems

Q: How you livin Biggie smalls?
A: In mansion and Benz’s
 Givin ends to my friends and it feels stupendous
 Tremendous cream, fuck a dollar and a dream
 Still tote gats strapped with infrared beams
 Choppin o’s, smokin lye an’ Optimo’s 
Money hoes and clothes all a nigga knows

This project started with these woodcuts made to print on money featuring Notorious BIG and a famous quote mo money mo problems by the same.  I printed nearly 500 separate bills ranging from $1 $5 and $10 and spent them throughout the course of nearly a month usually as tips.  The project all tied together when a customer at the art store I worked at used a five dollar biggie buck to purchase art supplies and luckily i was tending the cash.  I ask the kid where he got the bill and he said he got it as changed at the goodwill thrift store.  Funny thing is that I never spent any money at the goodwill, so I can only assume that the money made it natural cycle and ended back up in my hands.

The other half of this project was another woodblock stamp I used to print on the classified ads for job listings and pasted them around the city at various bus stops and public locations.

DNC vs Denver Homeless

During the 2008 Democratic National Convention in Denver Colorado, The homeless were given tickets to the zoo, tickets to the movies, and some even one way bus tickets. The reasoning the city had for giving them movie tickets was because many were uprooted during DNC activities, so I put some back in the places they would normally I would normally see those down on their luck brothers.


This Project was part of a campaign to help make folks aware of the benefits of food stamps in a toungue and cheek manor.  Fellow artist Adam Sikorski and I posted these fake Quest ads all over the city of Los Angeles in hopes of making people aware of the benefits they might be missing out on.  FREE SHIT, CASH IN!