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Avatar t-wreks | May 20, 2012

Hip Hop Versus is a rap lyric database gathered from user input of more than 11,000 songs retooled into a rap battling platform. Its focus is on frequency of word usage in lyrics and aims to gather information pertaining to marketing strategies such as brand repetition, boasting, and comparison. The idea behind this database is the more frequently a brand product or otherwise is mentioned the more weight it carries. The more weight it carries is through the quantified outcome of the search. For instance, one might argue that the 64 Chevrolet Impala is the gangster rap automobile of choice, while another may argue that a Cadillac has more weight in the world of Hip Hop. A simple search on my Hip Hop Versus database will reveal that, in fact the Cadillac brand is mention five times more frequently than Impalas. Hip Hop Versus proves that the Cadillac brand has more clout than the Chevrolet Impala brand as far as marketing and branding is concerned within Hip Hop.
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