Moët Hennessy • Louis Vuitton

Live Updating Stock Ticker

What’s more ballin than a chain blasted with diamonds? A gold chain ticker for diamond stock. This prototype gathers up to date stock market information of Louis Vuitton • Moët Hennessy Stock, who is also a majority shareholder of deBeers Diamond as well as countless other Luxury Brands.  So Rather than Flex wealth with diamond rangs and gold jewelry, you can sport your worth in shares of LVMH stock. A Python script gathers stock data from the european stock exchange of LVMH stocks, and puts it into a text file. The text file is relayed to this led belt buckle modified into a chain for blingability, and run through an arduino micro-controller to update the stock price on the fly.   

Image to Sound and Back

Fellow maker FuzzyWobble and I teamed up to develop the most useless and clumsy wireless data-stream.  It basically takes an Image and converts each pixel to a sound, the sound is picked up by the second computers built in microphone and translated back into the same image.  We pretty much reinvented Wonka Vision.